Scaramella presents one-of-a-kind period instrument chamber music concerts, bringing together accomplished and artful musicians from Canada and abroad. The roster changes from concert to concert, enabling a wide range of musical styles and periods and the exploration of lesser-known, but sumptuous music, that evokes bygone cultures, traditions and eras. The result is fresh and vivacious performance that is accessible, relevant and appealing. Children 14 and under are welcomed, and admitted free of charge.

For 2015-2016, Scaramella offers three programs of elegant and highly ornamental music from the end of the baroque era. We begin with a Bach program, embracing Johann Sebastian’s own quirk of ‘recycling’ music by offering it in new settings. His sixth Brandenburg concerto may have originally called for two violas paired with two viols, but it also resonates beautifully when brought to life by an entire consort of low viols. Our second program moves to the opposite end of the overtone spectrum, featuring the pardessus de viole, an instrument that was championed historically by women players. Its delightful repertoire is on a par with some of the most celebrated violin music of the period, and will be played by Mélisande Corriveau, the epitome of grace and culture. Last but certainly not least, our final concert pairs two sensational young artists: passionate and vivacious soprano, Dawn Bailey and fiery baroque trumpeter (who makes everything seem effortless), Justin Bland, backed by an ensemble of strings and harpsichord. This jubilant and celebratory program closes out our season of flamboyant jewels of the rococo. Do please plan to join us!

Joëlle Morton
Artistic Director